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Background Designer is a tool for quickly kitbashing a scenic backdrop for your games / title screens or just to bring out the Bob Ross in you (get your wig on!). The assets are hand painted in Photoshop using many custom brushes made by myself and other artists, these final 'asset brushes' as I like to call them are a combination of textures and colours that utilise a Black-Red-Green-Blue Masking system which a shader makes use of to create new tones of your own choice, or even a random choice within the Background designer tool. I've included 2 example assets of how these assets are made, I then import those manually (for now) into the SDK before publishing.

My future plans for this tool is to reach out to artists who wish to have their artwork included in future versions with credits, links and even commission shared to those who can contribute (if this appeals to you, please get in touch). This tool will serve as a template for branded work, so if you have a project that perhaps you need to make a story board of a particular product, I can fill the software with your base brush assets and brand it under your IP with some agreement on commission.

Let's see what you can make with this tool, join the Discord channel!

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Future Plans:

  • Complete 24 base brushes per category
  • Create more categories
  • Refine UI / Theme the UI
  • Load/Save projects
  • Select and Move
  • Toolbar icons
  • Menu for initial canvas size setup
  • Custom brush making in the editor
  • Post process Shaders
  • Exporting layers individually
  • Strike a franchise deal with an artist or brand

Background Designer is FREE while in Alpha, you can donate/tip to show support.

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Release Notes

Much more brushes.

W - Wrap toggle on / off

Small improvements.

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For personal use and one commercial project (up to 2,000 sales or 20,000 views).


One copy to be used by a single user.

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One installation by a single user.

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